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Since we have started using Google Chrome more often, we think it is about time that we share some of our favorite extensions and apps. Google Chrome is a little different from Firefox in this regard. They have apps as well as extensions. Apps can be normal web pages with a little extra information for Chrome to know how to handle it. Almost all of the Google applications can be installed as an app. Other popular web based applications can be installed in this way. Think of it as a different type of bookmark.

Favorite Apps

Yoono Web
Our favorite social network application. Easily add and interact with all of your social networks in one place. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others are available. Update your status, comment, and share easily with pop-up options dependent on the social network. You can even post status updates to all networks at once.
Remember The Milk
Our favorite task list available with a single click.
Google Books
Easy access to Google’s online book store. Buy new books, find free books, create your own catalog.
Favorite Extensions

Adblock Plus

Blocks ads using the same filter from Firefox. Also allows you to selectively view ads. If you add our site as an exception we would be very grateful : )

Awesome Screenshot
Allows you to capture the visible portion of a web page, a selected region or the entire web page. This screen shot tool also has great tools for making notations using common drawing tools. You can save the image locally or share the finished image. Shortener
An easy way to shorten URLs using Google’s URL Shortening service. Handy for making URLs tiny for posting status updates etc, where your text length is limited.
Google Similar Pages
We just love this extension. With a single click, this extension will suggest pages that are similar to the page your are currently viewing. Surprisingly accurate and useful.
IE Tab
The traditional way of viewing pages in Internet Explorer directly in Chrome.
Incredible Start Page
While, we like Chrome’s new tab page, this extension ups the ante. Incredible start page organizes all of your bookmarks from your bookmarks toolbar and apps in a large window. It also shows recently closed sites and all bookmarks list.

Take a look at the extensions and apps in the Chrome store.

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