Apple Software In Windows Is Truly Horrible

20 Jan

What amount of pain should I have to tolerate to use Apple’s products? Apparently, a whole ton of pain.

Just this morning, Apple’s cute little update notifier popped up from the systray. Install Safari. No. Update Itunes and Quicktime. OK. The install has been running for over an hour. Just what the hell are you doing to my system. What on earth requires your install to take this long. This install does have to download a 74.28MB file to start with, so I should cut it some slack right? NO WAY! I can download an entire movie in a fraction of the time that this install takes. What else is it doing? Install probably needs to unpack files from the install file. That might take a couple of minutes. I needs to copy files to the right locations. It might even need to update Windows registry or .NET. But, a hour? The computer is a quad core with 8 gigs of ram. Maybe I don’t have enough system resources.

Furthermore, you make me install Quicktime, which is like the evil step child of video applications. The only thing I can do with the free version of Quicktime is play files, which it does very poorly. The freely available VLC is super fast and can do way more than play those pesky Quicktime formats.

Let’s get to Itunes itself. It seems like a necessary evil if you have any intention of using the app store. It is also guaranteed to be SLOW. Don’t even think about putting your music files on a network drive. The program usually responds like a poorly written Visual Basic application, seizing at every opportunity it gets. Don’t get too click happy, it heard you, it just isn’t responding.

We love Apple hardware, we are even big fans of OS X, we are NOT fans of your software ports for non-apple computers. Wake up and treat all of your customers with a little respect.

Install still running…

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