The Recycler

12 Oct

The Recycler. Funny name for software. Sounds more like a super hero.

This addin for Microsoft Outlook is all about saving you money and at the same time doing something good for our environment. What if we told you that we could help you find great items for free? What if we said that thousands of people give away great things everyday? How can you take advantage? Organizations such as Freecycle™ rely on simple email or rss for notifying users of free items.

While it isn’t exactly printing your own money, we believe that our application will help you find items for the cost of gas to pick it up. You can certainly use services like Freecycle™ without our addin, but we think you will decide that its features are well worth it. Wouldn’t that be worth a few dollars?

What will it do?

  1. Manage your email from a group. This is helpful with very active email lists, like found on Freecycle™
  2. Notify you or items matching items in your watch list
  3. Helps to format your emails so they match list rules
  4. Ticker feature, that shows recent items wanted or are being offered

Click here for screen shot tour

badge Beta Sign up is now open! Don’t be left out.

The Recycler is targeted to be released early first quarter of 2010. Please follow us on Twitter. In the very near future, we are going to be entering a beta phase and are going to give away the product to a select number of people. You tell us of any problems, and we in turn make sure that you get our product for free.

As always, you can subscribe to our news feeds which will have any product announcements. Stay tuned.

To learn more about FreeCycle™, visit

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