LibreOffice is a fork of the popular open source office suite, OpenOffice. After Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, there have been concerns over Oracle’s long term support of open source projects. Due to this concern, The Document Foundation forked OpenOffice to create LibreOffice. Forking an open source project in essence makes a copy of a project […]

Since we have started using Google Chrome more often, we think it is about time that we share some of our favorite extensions and apps. Google Chrome is a little different from Firefox in this regard. They have apps as well as extensions. Apps can be normal web pages with a little extra information for […]

What amount of pain should I have to tolerate to use Apple’s products? Apparently, a whole ton of pain. Just this morning, Apple’s cute little update notifier popped up from the systray. Install Safari. No. Update Itunes and Quicktime. OK. The install has been running for over an hour. Just what the hell are you […]